About Me

I have always loved all animals and have wanted to work with them for as long as I can remember.


My first pet was a cat called Cleo, my mum bought her for me as a present for my second birthday as she said we couldn’t walk down the road without stopping to stroke every animal I saw!


Since then I have owned and cared for many pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and birds.

At the age of 16 I was lucky enough to be able to do some voluntary work at a Wild Animal Park which led to a paid position as soon as one came up. I gained experience of working with many different animals, ranging from wolves to wallabies, goats to guanacos and many in between.


After leaving my job at the wild animal park I worked at a livery stables which furthered my experience with horses which I had previously gained from riding and helping out at a local stables for many years.


In 2002 I got a job at a boarding kennels and cattery which was invaluable experience in dealing with many different dog breeds and personalities! During my time there I learnt a lot about dogs and their behaviour. I worked at the kennels for ten years and was animal care manager at the time of leaving.


I owned a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Kyle, from 2003-2012 who was my greatest teacher. Kyle and I learnt so much together and because of Kyle I have read many books on dog training and behaviour which together with working with dogs for many years I feel has given me invaluable knowledge and experience with many different dogs.

At present I am owned by two young tabby cats and an elderly black and white cat. I am hoping to have another Chesapeake Bay Retriever one day soon as I lost my beloved Chessie to Degenerative Mylelopathy in August 2012.


After working with animals for many years (16 in total) I decided I would like to set up Pets Pawtential and help people feel relaxed and happy about leaving their pets with me, whether you are on holiday and I am looking after your cats, horses or small animals or whether you are out for the day working or having fun and need somebody to walk your dogs.


I know how worrying it can be when you have to trust other people to look after your animals, I will do my best to carry out your requirements and promise to treat your pet with the kindness I would like mine to be treated with if I was unable to be with them myself.


I am fully insured and CRB checked. References available.

Services Offered:

Individual Dog Walks

Shared Dog Walks

(maximum 6 dogs)

Puppy Visits

Pet Visits

(feeding, cuddles etc)

Pet Taxi (vets appts,

grooming appts etc)

Covering Stotfold(including Fairfield Park), Astwick, Arlesey, Henlow, Clifton, Shefford, Langford and Baldock

If you live outside of the above areas it may still be possible to walk/visit your pet, please call with any enquiries.

Phone 07944 705789/01462 732125

Email: info@petspawtential.com