Pet Taxi

If for any reason you are unable to take your pet to the vets, physiotherapist, hydrotherapy or grooming parlour I can do it for you. Or maybe you are going on holiday but need somebody to take your dog to the boarding kennels or pick them up for you.

Maybe you don't drive or maybe you just find it difficult to fit appointments in around the hours you are at work or busy with other commitments.


I can take your pet to appointments for you. It could be a one off appointment at the groomers or vets or maybe your pet requires regular appointments for physiotherapy or hydrotherapy and you find it difficult to fit these in or just have trouble getting transport there.


My dog used to need weekly hydrotherapy sessions and monthly physiotherapy sessions. I was lucky enough to have the flexibility and transport to be able to take him. I appreciate this isn't an option for every owner but I can help by taking your pet for you.


I will always do my best to make your pet feel happy, reassured and relaxed whilst in my care as I understand these appointments can sometimes make a pet anxious. After one or two sessions, a few treats and reassuring cuddles my dog grew to love his physio and hydro sessions which made them a relaxing experience for both of us.


Regrettably, due to insurance reasons, I am only able to take your pet and cannot accommodate any human passengers.





80p per mile

£6 for every 15 mins spent with your pet

Time and mileage will be charged from picking your pet up to dropping your pet home again